A big "THANKS" to the following for their contributions to implement and launch the new PeopleAdmin system.

  • Adan Murillo, University Human Resources
  • Andrea Little, University Human Resources
  • Annette Jaehrling, Human Sciences Administration
  • Augustine Toscano, IT Services Administrative Services
  • Austin Poulter, University Human Resources
  • Bill Quinn, IT Services University Info Systems
  • Bonnie Whalen, Vice President Student Affairs
  • Brenda Behling, Senior Vice President & Provost
  • Brooke Dykstra, University Human Resources
  • Carissa Woods, University Human Resources
  • Carole Custer, University Marketing & Promotions
  • Chelsea McCrum, University Human Resources
  • Chelsey Aisenbrey, Senior Vice President and Provost
  • Cheryl Ervin, Business Services
  • Chris Rourick, University Human Resources
  • Cindy Bartleson, Mechanical Engineering
  • Cindy Beenken, University Human Resources
  • Cindy Van Loon, University Human Resources
  • Courtney Witte, Vet Diagnostic & Production Animal Med
  • Craig Hamerlinck, University Human Resources
  • Deb Nelson, IT Services University Info Systems
  • Diana McLaughlin, Economics
  • Diane Beckman, IT Services University Info Systems
  • Diane Muncrief, Ames Laboratory
  • Don Broshar, University Human Resources
  • Donna Burkhart, Campus Dining Services
  • Elliott Butler, IT Services University Info Systems
  • Heidi Eichorn, Engineering Administration
  • Jacob Banks, IT Services Administrative Services
  • Jane Walter, University Human Resources
  • Jason White, IT Services Systems & Operations
  • Jean Dubberke, Engineering Administration
  • Jen Wiederin, College of Business/Design Administration
  • Jill Pretzer, University Human Resources
  • Julie Nuter, University Human Resources
  • Kaela Black, Human Resources Extension
  • Kathey Schuckert, Ag and Life Sciences Administration
  • Katie Clark, University Human Resources
  • Kris Pruismann, Facilities Planning & Management
  • Kristi Darr, University Human Resources
  • Kyla Kaetzel, University Human Resources
  • Lea Henderson, University Human Resources
  • Lisa Dillavou, Food Science & Human Nutrition
  • Lisa Lee, University Human Resources
  • Lisa McEnaney, Agronomy
  • Lynnette Witt, Ames Laboratory
  • Magann Orth, IT Services Administrative Services
  • Mallory Hamilton, Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration
  • Michelle Knapp, University Human Resources
  • Mike Lohrbach, IT Services Systems & Operations
  • Nancy Qvale, Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
  • Pat Strah, Senior Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Pradeepa Sukumaran, University Human Resources
  • Randall Griffith, IT Services University Info Systems
  • Rob Schweers, Senior Vice President and Provost
  • Ruth Appleton, University Human Resources
  • Sally Houser, Facilities Planning & Management
  • Sandy Gahn, Institutional Research
  • Sara Harris, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Sarah Wilson, Veterinary Medicine Administration
  • Stacy Kilstofte, Veterinary Medicine Administration
  • Stan Welp, IT Services University Info Systems
  • Sue Spencer, IT Services Networks & Communications
  • Susan Simpson, IT Services University Info Systems
  • Susie Eaton, University Human Resources
  • Tammy Porter, Natural Resource Ecology and Management
  • Tasha Barton, University Human Resources
  • Tim Ashley, University Human Resources
  • Todd Hughes, IT Services Info Systems
  • Valerie Evans, Human Development & Family Studies
  • Whitney Grote, University Human Resources
  • Zak Bell, IT Services Academic Technologies

PeopleAdmin Sign-Ins

ISU Classification and Hiring System
(PeopleAdmin 7)

ISU Applicant Portal

Did You Know?

Did you know?
Applicants can now see supplemental questions before they apply to the position!
Did you know?
Supplemental answers have unlimited characters.
Did you know?
A Guest User account can be used to allow multiple departments to view a posting in order to provide external approval (outside of the system).
Did you know?
Departments can now extend contingent offers on all tenure/tenure- eligible faculty positions pending background check approval.
Did you know?
Reminder: Background checks are only conducted on the selected candidate for hire.
Did you know?
Per the Employment Verification and Background Check Policy, UHR checks licensure and certification - be sure to indicate the details in the PD or posting information.
Did you know?
Call the PA7 Helpline staffed by UHR employees available 8-5 M-F at 294-1600 for any PA 7 system questions.
Did you know?
Departments can make a request to try out the new Search Committee feature. The request can be made by contacting UHR Recruitment.
Did you know?
All changes to the Posting are tracked within PA7 - there will no longer be a "please review" email outside the system. The Posting Admin will review the posting in the system before UHR Recruitment posts the job for advertisement.
Did you know?
To find a PD that was created in PA5.8 and transitioned to the PA7 system, type in an M or P before the 6-digit PD number from 5.8 (M for merit PDs and P for P&S PDs). PA7 will generate new PD numbers beginning with the M or P for new positions created in PA7.
Did you know?
Use the "Watch List" as a way to track the status of actions submitted.
Did you know?
Check out the quick links on the right side of your screen, there are shortcuts to commonly performed actions, and a link to the applicant portal.
Did you know?
People Admin 7 has a new Essential Physical Functions tool that will assist departments when working through Disability Accommodation Requests, and Workers' Compensation Return to Work Plans.
Did you know?
Work Unit is a new field in PA7. Check out the online resources to assist you in determining how to use that field and any others that are unfamiliar.

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