Electronic Letters of Intent

Following additional development and testing, the Electronic Letter of Intent (eLOI) system is scheduled for re-launch on June 9, 2015.

Each eLOI will be originated with data from an approved Hiring Proposal for each faculty and P&S position. The hiring department will use AccessPlus to complete the eLOI, finalize it [including uploading necessary documents that are routinely attached to an offer (e.g. letter of offer)], and route it for administrative approval. When the department is ready to formally extend the offer, an email will be sent to the finalist with instructions to log into AccessPlus to review and accept (or decline) the offer.

In a highly competitive recruitment environment it is essential to expedite the offer and acceptance process. The eLOI tool will:

  • Increase data and record accuracy,
  • Create efficiencies through electronic routing and processing,
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry,
  • Eliminate paper transfers from office to office.

In addition to the benefits above, departments can send offers to candidates instantly (upon securing administrative approvals) instead of sending offers by U.S. mail or express delivery. As soon as a new employee accepts the offer in AccessPlus, an ISU UID# is created and the new employee onboarding process may begin.


  • Online Video (Plays in This Window)
  • Quick Reference Guide (Step-by-Step Instructions) [PDF]
  • Job Aid (Detailed Information) [PDF]

View the training resources for each of the topics below at your own pace, or sign up for a face-to-face training session.

Training Resources

eLOI Basics
Understanding the Electronic Letter of Intent (eLOI)
Understanding eLOI User Roles
Locating an eLOI
eLOI Glossary
eLOI Training Presentation
Letter of Intent – Change Cover Sheet
Completing an Electronic Letter of Intent
Completing an eLOI (Tenure/Tenure-Track Faculty)
Completing an eLOI (Non-Tenure Eligible* Faculty)
Completing an eLOI (P&S Staff)
Finalizing an Electronic Letter of Intent
Approving an eLOI
Extending an eLOI to the Candidate
Viewing Your Electronic Letter of Intent from Iowa State University

* Non-Tenure Eligible includes Adjunct, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Clinician, Senior Clinician, and Research)

Face-to-Face Training Sessions

In addition to the self-paced training resources above, you can also sign up for a face-to-face training session.

Processing Electronic Letters of Intent (eLOI)

During the 2 hour session, users will learn how essential eLOI functions will be completed in the AccessPlus system from a departmental, approval, and candidate perspective. Users who now initiate Letter of Intents (LOIs) and all those administrative approvers with hiring authority are encouraged to attend a training session or view training tutorials that will be available at this site. Sample learning topics include:

  • Understanding an eLOI
  • Understanding ISU Policy and Procedure when Extending an Offer
  • Initiating an eLOI
  • Finalizing an eLOI
  • Routing and Approving an eLOI

Training Survey

Groups & Contacts

Name Department Project Role
LOI Project Team
Brenda Behling Senior Vice President & Provost Team Leader
Chelsey Aisenbrey Senior Vice President & Provost Team Member
Tim Ashley University Human Resources Team Member
Heidi Eichorn Engineering Administration Team Member
Randall Griffith Information Technology Services Team Member
Lea Henderson University Human Resources Team Member
Todd Hughes Information Technology Services Team Member
Deb Nelson Information Technology Services Team Member
Susan Simpson Information Technology Services Team Member

PeopleAdmin Sign-Ins

ISU Classification and Hiring System
(PeopleAdmin 7)

ISU Applicant Portal

Did You Know?

Did you know?
Applicants can now see supplemental questions before they apply to the position!
Did you know?
Supplemental answers have unlimited characters.
Did you know?
A Guest User account can be used to allow multiple departments to view a posting in order to provide external approval (outside of the system).
Did you know?
Departments can now extend contingent offers on all tenure/tenure- eligible faculty positions pending background check approval.
Did you know?
Reminder: Background checks are only conducted on the selected candidate for hire.
Did you know?
Per the Employment Verification and Background Check Policy, UHR checks licensure and certification - be sure to indicate the details in the PD or posting information.
Did you know?
Call the PA7 Helpline staffed by UHR employees available 8-5 M-F at 294-1600 for any PA 7 system questions.
Did you know?
Departments can make a request to try out the new Search Committee feature. The request can be made by contacting UHR Recruitment.
Did you know?
All changes to the Posting are tracked within PA7 - there will no longer be a "please review" email outside the system. The Posting Admin will review the posting in the system before UHR Recruitment posts the job for advertisement.
Did you know?
To find a PD that was created in PA5.8 and transitioned to the PA7 system, type in an M or P before the 6-digit PD number from 5.8 (M for merit PDs and P for P&S PDs). PA7 will generate new PD numbers beginning with the M or P for new positions created in PA7.
Did you know?
Use the "Watch List" as a way to track the status of actions submitted.
Did you know?
Check out the quick links on the right side of your screen, there are shortcuts to commonly performed actions, and a link to the applicant portal.
Did you know?
People Admin 7 has a new Essential Physical Functions tool that will assist departments when working through Disability Accommodation Requests, and Workers' Compensation Return to Work Plans.
Did you know?
Work Unit is a new field in PA7. Check out the online resources to assist you in determining how to use that field and any others that are unfamiliar.

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