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The new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) through PeopleAdmin will greatly improve the university's recruitment process for all faculty and staff hires.

This new system is an efficient and effective recruitment process through a fully automated process that includes email notifications, routing, approvals and document retention. The system also allows for the review and evaluation of applications at any time, from any computer system with internet access.


  • Online Video (Plays in This Window)
  • Quick Reference Guide (Step-by-Step Instructions) [PDF]
  • Job Aid (Detailed Information) [PDF]

View the training resources for each of the topics below at your own pace, or sign up for a face-to-face training session.

Training Resources

PeopleAdmin Basics
What's New with PeopleAdmin 7?
Logging into PeopleAdmin 7
Understanding the PeopleAdmin Interface
Understanding Your Profile Information
Saving a PeopleAdmin 7 Search
Tips and Tricks and More about Saved Searches
Reviewing Applicant Reports
Subscribing to PeopleAdmin 7 Project News
PeopleAdmin Glossary
Understanding PeopleAdmin 7 Routing and Workflows
PeopleAdmin 7 Email Templates
Recruitment Resources & Best Practices
Reference Letter Tool
Advertising P&S Positions in a Series
Hiring Process Responsibilities Based on Roles
Position Description and Posting Routing Tool
Position Description and Posting Routing Template
Recruitment Procedures
Recruitment Procedures Manual
Applicant FAQ
Creating a Faculty/Other Posting
Faculty Posting Blueprint
Creating a P&S Temporary or Emergency Posting
Creating a Merit Temporary Posting
Approving a Posting
Reviewing Applicant Materials
Screening Applicants
Rating and Routing Applicants
Initiating a Hiring Proposal
Initiating a Hiring Proposal (Faculty)
Interdepartmental Faculty Hire Process
Completing a Hiring Proposal
Understanding the Unique Identifier (SSN/UID)
Updating Final Verbal Offer Details

Face-to-Face Training Sessions

In addition to the self-paced training resources above, you can also sign up for a face-to-face training session.

People Admin– Creating a Posting, Managing Applicants and the Hiring Process

During this hands-on training session, attendees will learn the actions which are completed within the Applicant Tracking module. The session begins with how to create a posting for the following position types which do not use the Position Management module of the system. This would be for Faculty, Postdocs, Contract, P&S Temporary, P&S Emergency, and Merit Temporary.

The second part of the session focuses on how to rate applicants and route them for interview approval as well as how to create hiring proposals and route them for hire approval. This is applicable for all position types.

Users who create postings, manage applicants and request hires for all position types are encouraged to attend. This is an important session for anyone in a Posting Admin role.

Please review the PeopleAdmin Basics before taking this training course.

Groups & Contacts

Name Department Project Role
ATS Project Team
Lisa Lee University Human Resources Team Leader
Brenda Behling Senior Vice President & Provost Team Member
Katie Clark University Human Resources Team Member
Kristi Darr University Human Resources Team Member
Sally Houser Facilities Planning and Management Team Member
Stacy Kilstofte Veterinary Medicine Administration Team Member
Jill Pretzer University Human Resources Team Member
Chris Rourick University Human Resources Team Member
Cindy Van Loon University Human Resources Team Member

PeopleAdmin Sign-Ins

ISU Classification and Hiring System
(PeopleAdmin 7)

ISU Applicant Portal

Did You Know?

Did you know?
Applicants can now see supplemental questions before they apply to the position!
Did you know?
Supplemental answers have unlimited characters.
Did you know?
A Guest User account can be used to allow multiple departments to view a posting in order to provide external approval (outside of the system).
Did you know?
Departments can now extend contingent offers on all tenure/tenure- eligible faculty positions pending background check approval.
Did you know?
Reminder: Background checks are only conducted on the selected candidate for hire.
Did you know?
Per the Employment Verification and Background Check Policy, UHR checks licensure and certification - be sure to indicate the details in the PD or posting information.
Did you know?
Call the PA7 Helpline staffed by UHR employees available 8-5 M-F at 294-1600 for any PA 7 system questions.
Did you know?
Departments can make a request to try out the new Search Committee feature. The request can be made by contacting UHR Recruitment.
Did you know?
All changes to the Posting are tracked within PA7 - there will no longer be a "please review" email outside the system. The Posting Admin will review the posting in the system before UHR Recruitment posts the job for advertisement.
Did you know?
To find a PD that was created in PA5.8 and transitioned to the PA7 system, type in an M or P before the 6-digit PD number from 5.8 (M for merit PDs and P for P&S PDs). PA7 will generate new PD numbers beginning with the M or P for new positions created in PA7.
Did you know?
Use the "Watch List" as a way to track the status of actions submitted.
Did you know?
Check out the quick links on the right side of your screen, there are shortcuts to commonly performed actions, and a link to the applicant portal.
Did you know?
People Admin 7 has a new Essential Physical Functions tool that will assist departments when working through Disability Accommodation Requests, and Workers' Compensation Return to Work Plans.
Did you know?
Work Unit is a new field in PA7. Check out the online resources to assist you in determining how to use that field and any others that are unfamiliar.

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